All about Video Poker
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All About Video Poker


All About Video Poker

Video poker is a good game for all levels of players, the main difference between a video poker machine and a slot game is that a slot machine is a game of luck and video poker is a game of skill. When you play a slot machine, you put in your money and pull the handle or push that spin button and you hope that you’re lucky enough to get a winning combination. In video poker, however, it is your skill in playing the cards that affect the outcome of the game. Now besides the skill factor, there is one other big difference between video poker and slot machines that is you never know what percentage a slot machine is set to pay back to the public. You can always calculate a video poker machine’s pay-back rate just by looking at its payable. This is very important because it allows you to go into a casino and effortlessly tell which video poker machines are programmed to pay back the most money.

How to play

Video poker is similar to playing a game of five-card poker. The only difference is that you have no opponent to beat, and you can’t lose more than your initial bet. First, you deposit from one to five coins in the machine to make your bet you are then shown five cards on the video screen. Your goal is to try to make the best poker hand possible from those cards since it is a draw game, you’re given one opportunity to improve your hand this is done by allowing you to discard from one up two of five cards from your original hand. Of course, you don’t have to discard any if you don’t want to, but usually, you want to replace some cards to improve your hand. After choosing which cards you want to keep you then push the draw button, and the machine will replace all of your discards with new cards based on the resulting final hand the machine will later pay according to the pay schedule posted on the machine naturally the better your hand, the higher the amount the machine will pay you back.

Slots v/s video poker

Slot machine manufacturers have a lot of flexibility when it comes to programming their machines if they want a machine to pay back less money to the players, the program in more losing combinations. Video poker machines can’t increase or decrease the number of winning and losing combinations they program into the machines and the reason they can’t do that as the number of winning and losing combinations are all based on a 52-card deck.



Many times casinos will scatter higher-paying and lower-paying machines throughout the casino, and it’s up to you to spot the better ones You need to be careful however that you are comparing the pay table to the same type of machine you can’t compare jacks or a better machine to a bonus game or double bonus.

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