Top 4 Casino Gambling Books
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Top 4 Casino Gambling Books


Top 4 Casino Gambling Books

Luck-based games are one thing, but it takes a lot of online slot skill and patience to win that significant amount. One way is to watch videos online or learn from a friend, but the most effective way of learning those undefined strategies is by reading books. Casino gambling books are saturated with the necessary information about your favourite games or the history behind them. Although these books might not be listed in the ‘must read’ section or include in the Bestseller section, they’re still a masterpiece for gambling lovers. In this article, we’ve jotted down the top four casino gambling books in the market.

Gambling 102

This book is specifically suitable for those mediocre players who know the rules of the game but are unaware of how to put them to use. The book assumes the reader to understand the basic rules, it provides 19 concisely written and neatly organized chapters, that enlightens the reader about the house edges and ways to beat the odds in each game. Michael Shackleford, the author himself, is an expert in mathematics and statistics that has allowed him to study and apply those dimensions in gambling carefully.

American Casino

American Casino guide 2018 Edition

This book is the ultimate guide for any reader’s gambling journey. It is the #1 bestseller on Amazon in the gambling section, and there are good reasons for that. Steve Bourie, the author, keeps it up-to-date by reviewing and re-publishing every year. Although the book does not solely depend on casino gambling strategies, they’re a dedicated guide to casinos around the world with over 750 casinos in 41 states. Seasoned casino travellers claim this book to be a traveller’s guide to casinos and are also associated with coupons worth $1000.

Bringing down the house

The book, published in 2002 by Ben Mezrich, was an inspiration for the movie 21 which released in 2008. The book is about MIT’s maths and engineering students who start a blackjack club from scratch, who ultimately make $3million and more across different casinos. Although the book is considered factual for some, most critics over the internet and offline describe the book to be a nonfictional crap. Despite the criticism, gambling lovers loved the book as it spoke about intelligent ways to make money, even though it does not hand out complete information about card counting.

The Frugal Gambler by Jean Scott


There always remained a misconception that the high-rollers benefit the maximum from a casino. But, this book breaks that stereotype and educates the readers about how Jean Scott uses her canny approach to make the best of all casinos in Las Vegas. She talks about how she combines video poker with the best pay tables and comps and gets a mathematical edge over the casino. The same theory is applied to other casino games to win an edge over the house. Anyone interested in the coupons and on  how to make the best when they’re at a casino, it is a book for them.

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